Designed Showers for Modern Bathrooms

By | April 25, 2019

Designed Showers for Modern Bathrooms

Your bathroom can be a place to express your creativity and personality. If you’re fed up with boring mainstream bathrooms and want something new, then take some time to read this article and discover the many ways in which your bathroom can become a place that looks like it came out of the most beautiful dreams.

By using wall, floor and decorative tiles as well as mosaics you can turn imagination into reality and make your bathroom reflect your own unique style. A good place to start renovating your bathroom would be designed showers and bathtubs so here are a few modern ones that would fit into any bathroom.

Slim Showers with Water Flow Control

A new trend in shower design is presented to us by the Italian bathroom design company called Zazeri. Their shower model has a vertical shower installation, created to achieve an elegant, simple, and minimalistic look.

The extremely slim Zazeri shower fits into any bathroom wall with an exquisite dose of elegance, naturally and delicately blending into the environment.

Simple, basic lines of this shower along with its added features can be perfectly adjusted to any bathroom style. The direction of water flow can be guided thanks to a special water control system installed in this smart shower.

Thanks to this system the spraying of water is reduced to a minimum and the shower can be installed into even the smallest of bathrooms. The shower is designed for maintaining personal hygiene but also for physical and psychological relaxation.

It has a built in thermostat and custom made models can have a soft glow coming out the back thanks to LED lighting. This model can come in various colors such as steel, ground black and white steel. All models offer a feeling of purity combined with a high level of efficiency and functionality.

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