Although, most people believe that they need to focus on decorating their living room, but the fact is that your kitchen should be equally good because kitchen is an important part of your home. It looks really terrible if your kitchen is not clean and organized when guests walk into your house and therefore many

Girls Bedroom Sets

Girls Bedroom Sets Your little girls’ bedroom is a magical place for her. This is where she spends a lot of time, not only sleeping, but also playing. Decorating your girls’ bedroom is not that complicated at all. In fact, it could be a rewarding and enjoyable experience for the both of you. Pre-decorating Tips

Canopy Bedroom Sets

Canopy Bedroom Sets Canopy bedroom styles can have a mix of traditional and modern look. You can have wood or metal materials used in this style. Uncommonly known to others, this type of bed is a stylish vestige of medieval functionality at its best. A Rich History The ceilings during the Medieval period were made

Contemporary Bathroom Lighting

  Contemporary Bathroom Lighting To some, proper bathroom lighting means having adequate light fixtures sufficiently providing illumination to the entire parts of the room, or on a certain portion when needed. To others, it is about having all light fixtures that take part in the overall architectural design of the bathroom. Thinking it is impossible

6 Easy Decorating Fixes

6 Easy Decorating Fixes Sometimes you don’t need to spend a fortune to fix a decorating mistake or problem. In fact, easy and inexpensive solutions are more common than you may think. Here are six cheap and simple decorating fixes. 1) Paint. Need to update a room or give it some flair. Paint is the

Bathroom Ceiling Lighting

Bathroom Ceiling Lighting Maintaining a house is an endless process. Remodeling, redesigning and adding new fixtures and amenities are essential parts of maintaining a home. Not only will these make your house a better place to live in, it will also increase your house’s resale value in case you decide to put it on the

Bathroom Lighting Fixture

Bathroom Lighting Fixture Having proper bathroom lighting will provide adequate lights just when these are needed at the same time highlights all remodeling efforts of the bathroom; while having the improper one will provide you not only insufficient illumination but poor architectural design of the entire bathroom. Therefore, it is important having appropriate bathroom lighting

Rethinking the Contemporary Kitchen

Rethinking the Contemporary Kitchen When you think of a “contemporary” kitchen, what enters your mind? A sleek and contrasty Euro-style loft kitchen? A soothingly balanced Asian-inspired kitchen? What about a ’50s throwback kitchen with colorful appliances, pastel walls and a starburst clock? According to kitchen industry experts, all these kitchens could be called “contemporary” because

Victoria Lautman Explores India’s Vanishing Stepwells in New Book

In 1986, when I was the editor in chief of this magazine, our publisher, Lester Dundes, had an idea for a design-related excursion to India. There would be good publicity, it would make some money, and he and his wife would have a free trip. But shortly before he and the 20 designers who had

John Pawson Designs Fashion Awards Trophies From Swarovski Crystal

John Pawson helped out with his family’s textile business before he practiced architecture. Aside from occasional retail projects, he hasn’t worked in fashion since. That is, until the British Fashion Council and Swarovski commissioned him to design the trophy for this year’s Fashion Awards. Pawson created a minimalist cylinder from Swarovski crystal that encases a